Our Village Hall

Welcome to the award winning Ash Village Hall, a small but well used community facility which is busy throughout most week days and evenings. 

It plays a very large and central role in the life of this thriving village, in fact this is where
“most things are at''
Queens Road, ASH, Nr Canterbury CT3 2BG
Location Map

Situated immediately off the Ash by-pass (A257) between Canterbury and Sandwich, our village is easily accessible by road from either Thanet to the north or Dover and Deal to the south. In addition we are also served by the bus services between Canterbury and Sandwich.Location_Map.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0
History of Ash Village Hall

Ash Village Hall was opened in 1912 to commemorate the coronation of King George V and Queen Mary in 1913. Erected on land which was a gift from Mrs Lucy Harpole at a cost of £1,200, the building was intended to meet "the spiritual, intellectual, moral, social or political wants'' of the Parish.

In 1914 the Village Hall became an emergency 20-bed VAD hospital, and by May 1915 it had been enlarged to 26 beds, and all were full with wounded men from the front in Belgium and France.

The Hall was again pressed into service during the Second World War firstly as a classroom for evacuated children, and then again as an emergency hospital.

Improved in 1970 with the addition of a new library, it was further expanded in 1980 at a cost of £52,000 with a stage, refurbished kitchen and toilets.

In 2003, to meet modem statutory requirements for the disabled, £44,000 worth of alterations were carried out to the toilet block and fire exits & ramps.

Ash Village Hall gained it's Hallmark Level 1 award on the 4th of March 2009 and Hallmark Level 2 on the 19th of March 2012. Administered by Action with Communities in Rural Kent, it is awarded for “best practice" in application of charity administration and the general management of the premises.   
Ash Village Hall

ZUMBA GOLD - Tuesdays from 9.15. am to 10 am.
Designed specifically for the older adult (60+), those with stiffened joints, or the less active who may not have exercised for a while.
Tutor: Jeanette Stanford 07905 945218 or jeanetteszumbafitness@gmail.com
For information view her website www.jenzdancefitness.info
FITSTEPS –   Sunday from 9.45. am to 10.45. am.
                         Tuesday from 7.30. pm to 8.30.pm.
                         Friday from 9.15. am to 10.15. am.
Exercise based on ballroom dancing which is suitable for all ages and abilities – a fun way to get fit, stay active and shed a few pounds in weight along the way.
Tutor:- Debbie Sales 01304 814330mailto:jeanetteszumbafitness@gmail.comhttp://www.jenzdancefitness.info/shapeimage_8_link_0shapeimage_8_link_1
  New at Ash Village Hall
starting on MONDAY April 28th
Singing for Pleasure

with Natasha Greenham  
Every Monday from 2 – 3 pm, during term time.
This is a fun and informal singing group where you will learn folk songs from around the world  in harmony. No previous singing experience is needed, whilst songs are learnt by ear, so no need to read music.
Contact Natasha Greenham on 07912184808 or
email natashagreenham@yahoo.co.ukmailto:natashagreenham@yahoo.co.ukshapeimage_9_link_0